About Us - Karaoke Entertainment Systems For Any Event & Party

We started with a team of two guys – with tremendous backing from our respective better halves, of course. Forming PAX Entertainment System, one guy is an engineer – the mad scientist; the brain behind all the technical wizardry. The other guy is of a totally unrelated background, but whose talent creates a strong team with his mad scientist partner. The unlikely business partnership results from years of friendship through great food and not too infrequent karaoke singing (one is more talented than the other), but most of all through mutual respect.


High Quality Sound Entertainment Systems & Karaoke Products for All


Our aim is to produce high quality entertainment system products for events and any party with a simple yet elegant design, affordable pricing, and impeccable customer service. We wish to make products such as our remarkable karaoke machines, stereo systems, speaker, and amplifiers that we can be proud to call our own, and we wish in the end to give back what we can to our community in Garden Grove, CA and provide them with quality entertainment and fun with music and songs!


Designed, Assembled, & Tested Right Here In Our Garden Grove, CA Warehouse


PAX Entertainment System